Friday, February 17, 2012

I Can't Decide....

Yes, fair is months away, but I need to decide what period costume I want to make. As I probably will work on it in between other costumes and I want to do something that involves detail.
What I really would like to make is a 1880s bustle dress or a 1861 dress out my new Janet Arnold pattern book. My problem is I love trying to get historically accurate as possible which includes using high quality fabrics which can be very Expensive! So I'll either have to make alot of money these next couple months or compromise. As I not sure I would be able to sell it, as there doesn't seem to be much of a demand for those kind of gowns. 

Any suggestions?


  1. i like the top ones. they are more i think something u could wear more often. hope that helps. :)

  2. I like them both! I think I like the second one best, though.
    ~Sarah Ring~