Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Emily Kidded March 5th on the coldest day of the week (eyeroll):)
She had her first set of twins and they are both bucks(boys).They look so much bigger in the pictures then they do in person. This birth is around number 16 that I have had here in the past 3 years and I am still not use to how small the kids are at birth, they grow so fast! 

This one was born first.....

and this one was second.
If he had been a she I would be keeping this one:) 
He is so sweet! Loves to be cuddle with:) 

1 Kid, he is so active and such a screamer! 
When he was born, he had sucked in some fluid and was trying to breath, scream, and nurse at the same time! Male kids, I tell ya they are so entertaining as well as trouble.

Kid 2, He is so hard to get a cute picture of!

Together :)