Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crochet Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

My older sister has 2 little girls that got a crochet flower clip each for Christmas from a relative and they liked them so much that she asked me if I could make each girl 2 more. One pink and another purple. So I hunted up this YouTube tutorial on how to make the flower and I figured out how to attach the clip myself.

Attaching a clip.
If you click on the pictures and open them up in a new tab or window, the pictures will be bigger, if you need to see them up closer.

First stick the needle like so....
(on the back) 

Step 2
Then stick it back through part way, starting on the same end that you just pulled the needle through, and wrap one strand of yarn over the needle then pull the needle through.

Step 3
Next, stick the needle through the clip, then stick it under a piece of the flower and back through under the clip, then over clip again. Repeat this four times, moving toward the front of the clip.

Step 4
Once you have reached the front pass the needle under a few strands of the flower to the other side of the clip and repeat step 3 over again only this time work toward the back of the clip.

Step 5
When you have reached the back of the clip pass the needle under the clip, like you did at the front of the clip, and do 2 stitches around the side of the clip. Then stick the needle through the stitches you made (like pictured below) 

Step 6
Tie a slip knot and clip the excess yarn.

These are the ones that I made
The three little ones are for my nieces
and the two larger ones I made for myself. I decided to do just 2 layers instead of 3 since it was getting quite large:)