Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In the Year of 1775

There was a certain Christmas Ball that the governor was giving. A young lady by the name of Felicity needed a new gown if she was to attend. Excitedly, she picked out a lovely royal blue taffeta, lace and trim. She managed to get the dress cut out and the skirt started; but alas there was not enough hours in a day, neigh in a month to create her new gown with all the chores and preparations that need to be done before her new brother or sister's birth. Since her mother was laid up due to the pregnancy and most of the work was up to her as the oldest. She wouldn't be able to finish her gown.
Felicity sighed, as she put the unfinished dress away, trying to be cheerful after all her family was more important then a ball! There would be other balls, this thought cheered her some. She began to sing and pray to Jesus to give her joyful attitude while she started on the morning dishes.
On the morning of the ball (Felicity tried not to think about it) the last several weeks had kept her busy enough that she almost forgot about the ball and though she had not had much time to herself she did feel joyful with Christmas almost upon her. She took breakfast to her poor mother with a smiling face, but little did she know her mother had a very spacial surprise for her. "Good morning mother" Felicity said, as she entered the room. "Good morning" her mother said, weakly but cheerfully and full of warmth. Felicity, mother said, I am so proud of the way you have cheerfully taken over the chores, look in the chest at the end of my bed there is a surprise in it for you. Opening the chest, Felicity's smile widened and she squealed with delight my gown its finished! Felicity twirled the dress around the room as tears of joy came to her eyes, Thank you, Thank you!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Regency Open Robe

I found this lovely woven in a striped purple linen/rayon blend at Joann's on clearance and I just had to get it. After waiting in a short line to get it cut or I should say measured, as there was only about 2.5 yards left! I was so glad that it was 60in. wide. I got matching thread and went home to decide what to make out of it:)
Since I haven't made an open robe in a long....time and I have been wanting to make something from my new Janet Arnold Pattern books, it became this new fabric's destiny:) I had to enlarge the pattern for the second time, since the original pattern is beyond a size 0, women were so tiny back then! It was a little tricky trying to get the pleating right so that it measured up with the lining. So I looked online to see how others were doing it and ended up just adjusting the pattern till it looked right.

 Of course after I finished this robe I discovered how the back pleats are suppose to go. The ones I had found online; though the robes were gorgeous the pleating isn't quite right on them either. O'well it turned out pretty well for the first time ever using this pattern. Now that I have a better idea of how everything goes together I plan to make my next one out of silk.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Emily Kidded March 5th on the coldest day of the week (eyeroll):)
She had her first set of twins and they are both bucks(boys).They look so much bigger in the pictures then they do in person. This birth is around number 16 that I have had here in the past 3 years and I am still not use to how small the kids are at birth, they grow so fast! 

This one was born first.....

and this one was second.
If he had been a she I would be keeping this one:) 
He is so sweet! Loves to be cuddle with:) 

1 Kid, he is so active and such a screamer! 
When he was born, he had sucked in some fluid and was trying to breath, scream, and nurse at the same time! Male kids, I tell ya they are so entertaining as well as trouble.

Kid 2, He is so hard to get a cute picture of!

Together :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Adventures Sewing Doll Clothes

Some of you have asked me questions about making doll clothes, so I thought I would do this post on how I started to where I am now, what patterns I like to use and so on..

I actually started learning how to sew by making doll clothes. When I was younger I loved my dolls(still do infact :) I also love anything that had to do with home making. Both my mom and my older sister sewed, by watching them, along with wanting some doll clothes for my dolls, started my sewing adventures. At first, I was too scared to use the machines so I did everything by hand, I mostly made square objects at first like small pouches,little pillows etc...When I was around 8 I finally got up the nerve to try using the sewing machine, I quickly got used to it and started making doll clothes right away.
I think my first project making "people clothes" was a skirt, I had decided that I didn't really like making "people clothes" as they seemed to take longer and they just weren't as fun at the time, so I went back to doll clothes.
My first, doll dress I made from a real pattern was Butterick 5452 Dress D. I was quite excited when I discovered that there were actual patterns for doll clothes, before I was just making skirts or tube dresses. My older sister walked me through making my first real dress and then after that I was on my own, for the most part, the figuring patterns out. I wish I had some pictures of my very first doll dress, but I never thought to take any.

I used this pattern several times and I still have it, though most of the pieces are missing and the the envelope is badly torn.
My next favorite pattern was McCall's 3275. Now this pattern is in better shape and I still have all the pieces:) It only recently went out of print.

Then on ebay I found American Girl Doll Dress patterns, I decided on Kirsten's pattern set and eagerly waited to get it in the mail so that I could get started. I have been using this pattern the most along with Samantha's dress pattern set that I bought a year later.

I found a this site were you can download these patterns for Free! Click Here 
I'm not sure how good they are as I'm haven't finished downloading any yet.   

I also, went through a period of buying pattern books, but I decided that I like making historic doll clothes better and so I haven't used them in awhile.

Our library had this one, so I never bought it.

I bought this one...

....and this one I got for my birthday

I now mostly make my own patterns using different pattern pieces as a guide.

Kara had asked me If it was hard to make "tiny"doll clothes and I'm sorry I never answered you Kara. My answer is: No, not really of course I also have had loads of practice, but doll clothes are put together a little different then our clothes are. Which makes them easier to sew, plus dolls don't really have any "shapes" so they don't need a whole lot of fitting.

Chardon High School Shooting

Monday, morning a shooting took place at a high school in chardon ohio. 5 students were shot one died shortly after and 2 more died Tuesday. Please pray for all the familes involved. Many church's in the area had a service of pray monday night, and our prays are still very much need!


Photo Credit Marvin Fong,The Plain Dealer

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cecile & Marie Grace 1853

American Girl came out with 2 new historic dolls right before Christmas in 2011. So I of course had to make a dresses for them!

I'm curious, would you all like seeing every doll dress I make or would you rather I pick out the "best" ones/newest style?

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Can't Decide....

Yes, fair is months away, but I need to decide what period costume I want to make. As I probably will work on it in between other costumes and I want to do something that involves detail.
What I really would like to make is a 1880s bustle dress or a 1861 dress out my new Janet Arnold pattern book. My problem is I love trying to get historically accurate as possible which includes using high quality fabrics which can be very Expensive! So I'll either have to make alot of money these next couple months or compromise. As I not sure I would be able to sell it, as there doesn't seem to be much of a demand for those kind of gowns. 

Any suggestions?