Monday, January 31, 2011

Fashion from the Past Part 1

These are all from the 1900s,and one from 1880

1950s (I think)

This is an early 1900 cloak
Isn't it exquisite?!

1956 wedding gown
It reminds me of the civil war gowns

1980s Dress

1911 Dress

1880s Dress
Can you imagine making a gown like this!!
It has so much detail!

1920s head piece
 Isn't this a neat hair accessory?

Gott'a Love These Shoes!

Even though you might never wear them :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Medieval Dress Part 1

I probably should have posted this with my last post but O'well.

I have already cut the dress out and have been piecing it together.

I am using McCall’s pattern M4490 view c, but I would recommend M4491. Because, the one I am using the neck-line is gathered a little bit in the front, so I had to take it in before cutting it.

The floss is the same color as the fabric, its a different color in the picture so you could see it :)

The Leather string is for lacing and the Awl is for the eyelets. I am going to hand sew them, because I hate pounding grommets in and they should last longer. Plus, I think hand sewn eyelets look better.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Medieval Dress Project

This is my next sewing project. I love medieval dresses, but they require 6 yds of fabric and linen is not cheap! So when I got a gift card for joanns I immediately started making plans for a medieval dress.

I'm going to do the front lacing like this dress and I'm going to do the sleeves like Susan's dress only with out the little openings towards the top of the sleeve.
I don't really support the Narnia stories, but I love Susan's costumes!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dirndl & Victorian Doll Dresses

I am very pleased with how Samantha's dress turned out. The colors seem perfect for the era and for her!

Kirsten's dress turned out well too, I would like to add something to the hat though like some trim or embroidery.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Edwardian Dress

I final finished that edwardian dress that I have been wanting to make (I posted the doll version of it a month ago). I used the sense & sensibility "1914 Tea Gown" pattern.
 It came together quite nicely. I only made two changes, I did buttons instead of a zipper and I add an inch to the inset so that the neck-line would be higher. Its made out of of dark striped green and a bronze color taffeta. I really like taffeta it looks, and feels nice plus its easy to work with.

Before I finished and attached the sash