Friday, October 7, 2011

Another "Elizabeth Dress"/ Gotta love her dresses:)

This wasn't on my sewing list, but when I found fabric that was similar to this dress I couldn't pass it up. This dress is one of my favorites in this movie and more authentic for regency era then most of the other dresses in the film. 

you'll notice my fabric is a darker green, but they both have the very similar woven in striping. I got my fabric (in the clearance/sale page) from Reproduction Fabric. I made up my own pattern for this dress using Sense & Sensibility regency pattern as a "guide line".
The dress closes in the front with draw strings and a small "waist-band" with a placket on the side. I had a hard time trying to find pictures to help give me a clue as to how this dress closes, I new it had a draw-string at the neckline but I couldn't see/find anything else. Most of her other dresses close in the front with buttons and waist-bands, but this dress and her white ball gown are the only ones that I couldn't find evidence of how they close. So it made sense that they would close they same as the others.  After I determined that everything else came into place.

My dog got let out to come see me and my sister has a habit of snapping pictures without my knowledge, but it turned out to be a nice picture. Which is why sis will snap pictures without my knowledge because I always end up liking one of them.