Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In the Year of 1775

There was a certain Christmas Ball that the governor was giving. A young lady by the name of Felicity needed a new gown if she was to attend. Excitedly, she picked out a lovely royal blue taffeta, lace and trim. She managed to get the dress cut out and the skirt started; but alas there was not enough hours in a day, neigh in a month to create her new gown with all the chores and preparations that need to be done before her new brother or sister's birth. Since her mother was laid up due to the pregnancy and most of the work was up to her as the oldest. She wouldn't be able to finish her gown.
Felicity sighed, as she put the unfinished dress away, trying to be cheerful after all her family was more important then a ball! There would be other balls, this thought cheered her some. She began to sing and pray to Jesus to give her joyful attitude while she started on the morning dishes.
On the morning of the ball (Felicity tried not to think about it) the last several weeks had kept her busy enough that she almost forgot about the ball and though she had not had much time to herself she did feel joyful with Christmas almost upon her. She took breakfast to her poor mother with a smiling face, but little did she know her mother had a very spacial surprise for her. "Good morning mother" Felicity said, as she entered the room. "Good morning" her mother said, weakly but cheerfully and full of warmth. Felicity, mother said, I am so proud of the way you have cheerfully taken over the chores, look in the chest at the end of my bed there is a surprise in it for you. Opening the chest, Felicity's smile widened and she squealed with delight my gown its finished! Felicity twirled the dress around the room as tears of joy came to her eyes, Thank you, Thank you!

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