Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bleak House

I watched it for the first time, over the course of a couple of days with my mom and my dad sat down with us the first night, he still has a few more episodes to finish. I don't really like Charles Dickens stories to much, but after seeing Bleak House I must say that I like it the best and I love the dresses of course :)
There was one important detail that didn't make sense to me though. How did everyone who read Lady Dedlocks letters know that she had a child when Nemo didn't even know? I if he didn't know then it couldn't have been written in them! I'm going to have to read the book to figure this part out, unless one else can explain to me/knows the answer?:)

I  think I like this one out of all Esthers dresses the best.

My mom and I liked Lady Dedlocks main green dress best.

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